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Together with her loving husband and three beautiful little girls, Elles lives in Delft,

a picturesque city in the Netherlands and famous for the Delftblue porcelain.

Her design studio is also based in this city of blue.

Elles her creativity blossoms in designs and patterns and art for a variety of products.


Her designs are rich in details and feature elegant ornaments, dynamic floral designs and colorful palettes. As a creative designer, Elles likes to design artwork that tells a story, inspires and making people happy by decorating their own way of living.

By following this path she combines her experience in photography with her love for patterns, color and design.


Read more about Elles in the interview below:


What kind of design style do you prefer most?

"My signature style can not be described in one style. I like to design florals and ethnically inspired patterns like Paisley, Jacobean and Medaillion motifs.

Detailed motives are my favorite, but I also like to design stylized motifs and geometric shapes like Chevron and Ikats. So the designs complement each other in the final visual story and increase each other by color and shape."


What is your favorite part of the design process?

"I love the creative process from start to finish. but my favorite part is when my ideas in the flower bud finally blooms and become tangible."


Where does your inspiration come from?

"Inspiration often comes from an unexpected angle, from nature, photography, culture, traveling and from everyday life. I’d also like to be inspired trough the rich history of different motifs and art styles from pas centuries all over the world.

The techniques and ancient crafts of these art styles give me inspiration to experiment and apply patterns in unexpected ways. I write and draw sketchbooks full of ideas that await patiently for blossoming in a unique design. "


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